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Documentation of online job portal (Read 148 times)


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Documentation of online job portal
March 18, 2017, 04:30:58 PM
Please send me documentation of online job portal including fact finding techniques, analysis and design, etc.
I need this documentation as soon as possible.


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Online job portal is a website application which helps to connect job employers with the candidates. In this system provides information about the job postings and the employers can seek the profile of the candidates to shortlist them. Th employer can post jobs and the candidates can upload their resume.The existing system was time-consuming and there was not a procedure through which candidates can connect with the employers. It was a hectic process and there are a lot of resumes coming up. So to cope up with this online job portal is develo[ed which is very user-friendly. It automates the process of job recruitment. There are  three modules in this system
Administrator -It manages all the details
Employer-Keeps track of the candidates resumes and shortlisting them
Candidates- It can upload the resume and apply for the job.
So this is the abstract of job portal system