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Hotel management in and ms access (Read 304 times)


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i want a project about hotel management in and ms access.


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Hotel management system is a software which manages all the hotel activities online. It helps the manager in managing all the hotel formalities, bookings, and payment. Through this, the system the customer can view the details of room online, book their room according to choice and check the availability of rooms. It also helps them in viewing the different services of the hotel online. So it is beneficial both for the customers and managers. Earlier there was no such system and everything was done manually so it was very tedious to do. It required a lot of paperwork and hotel bill calculation was also difficult so there was the need for such software which could handle all the details. It calculates the exact cost of a room according to the number of days stayed. This system is efficient and easy to use. This is a secure and reliable system to manage all the details.