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Leave Management Project using (Read 140 times)


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Leave Management Project using
March 17, 2017, 09:44:44 AM
Please upload Leave Management Project for my semester project.



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Leave management system is a project which is developed using and SQL server web-based application. It stores information regarding employees, salaries and leaves taken.Earlier there was a manual system which has to keep track of the leaves taken by the employee in files so it was not easy to maintain the data stored. So this was the system developed to keep track of these details. There is an administrator who keeps track of all the details. Through this, the admin can easily search for employee details using its name and view his or her leaves. If the employee requests a leave then it is the admin who decides whether the leave has to be granted or not. So one can see that admin manages all the things. With this, it is easy to retrieve the data. So it is a secure and reliable system for leave management.