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Library management system Code Required (Read 176 times)


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Library management system Code Required
March 16, 2017, 10:37:40 AM
i need codings for library management system



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College library system is a software developed which maintains the data regarding the issue and return of library books. It is a project developed for college so that it can maintain its library system properly. It is a secure and reliable system as all the data is handled by the administrator. It is the admin who is responsible for managing all the details.The student can view the books on the website.This software manages the details regarding the issue return date of books and accordingly generates the report. It maintains the catalog of books and receives the notification regarding keeping new books requested by a user. It is easy to calculate fines using this system and it maintains the inventory of books.
Overall this project is developed to help the students as well as staff to maintain the library in a best possible way and reduce the human efforts.
 I have attached the source code