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Medical management system using Java (Read 365 times)


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Medical management system using Java
March 24, 2017, 05:42:41 PM
Can u upload Medical management system using file handling in java with source code please.


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This software is for the medical store who want to maintain their details of a medical store such as stock and account. It was developed to ease the procedure of medical shop regarding maintaining the inventory of medicines. Earlier there was a manual system which was not able to maintain all the details so there was the need for this automated system. In earlier system, one could not keep track of which medicines are in the stock or not. So if customers want any medicine it would not know whether medicine is available or not. So there was the need for such automated system to develop which can make all these works automated. It helps to track all the products of medical shop and all the details are stored in a database. If anyone request for any medicine then they can easily track with the help of this software. I have uploaded project on this application.