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Online railway reservation system (Read 257 times)


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Online railway reservation system
March 16, 2017, 06:36:44 AM
I need online railway reservation system with front end jsp and back end in mysql.please provide me the link.



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Railway reservation system is a software that allows customers to book railway tickets online. In this system, the customer can view different types of train seats available and then they can book their ticket. In the existing system, the customer has to go to a station and wait in the queue to book the ticket. This takes both time and effort and so hence there was a need for the computerized system to develop where can easily book tickets online. In this system even if the passengers have to cancel their ticket and then they can get few percentages of money back.  This software is user-friendly and stores his or her details in a database. It is a simple to use and easy software. There is an administrator who manages all the details of a train like an arrival time, departure time. This software is developed in JSP and MySQL is used as a database.