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Passport management system using vb (Read 157 times)


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Passport management system using vb
March 20, 2017, 04:24:18 PM
I need the project source code reference for passport management system using vb and mysql.


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Passport management system is a software developed for passport authority management. It simplifies their work of making the passport as it is an automated system which checks from the application form received to the verification and background checks performed and lastly dispatching the passport. Now the applicant can check online the status of their passport application form. It is developed in vb as front end and ms-access as a back end. The software provides login form of the administrator where he checks the passport applications and rejects it or approves it accordingly. In the earlier system, there was no such administrator so it was not secured and it was time-consuming. So this system now provides security and reduces the manual work.