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Payroll Management System Project Code (Read 148 times)


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Payroll Management System Project Code
March 16, 2017, 01:17:17 PM
sir how to download the code of salary process..? please help me


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Payroll management system is a software developed which can manage the salaries of the employees in an organization. Earlier it was very difficult to manage the employee details so there was the need to develop such a computerized system which is quick and reliable. This system is also capable of generating receipts for each employees salary paid. This software also helps in calculating the number of leaves taken by the employees and then accordingly calculate the salary of the employee. It also generates the report on employee appraisals according to the work performed.
 In this system, all the employee's details are stored in a database. It is a secured system as all details are handled by an administrator. There are a login id and password which is given to the administrator. This system also checks for the leaves and accordingly generate the salary.

Here I have uploaded the payroll management project.