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Placement management system using visual basic (Read 159 times)


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Hello Sir,

I need source code of Placement management system using visual basic
Please it urgent
If u have then please help me.


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The main objective of Placement Management System is to develop software which manages placement activities in college and send mail to students informing about placement activities.The project also allows a Data Base Administrator to enter the information of a student and company which is then stored in the corresponding tables in the main database.He can also delete the student and company information after placement is over from the main database.This project is aimed at developing an online application for the Training and PlacementDept. of the college. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided.  Visitors/Company representatives logging in may also access/search any information put up by Students.           


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The placement management system is a software application developed for the placement activities in a college. It handles all the details of the students and companies coming to their college for placement. It keeps track of all the student details and sends them notifications if any particular company visits their college. It is a user-friendly interface developed in which helps both the college and the placement cell. There is an administrator who manages both student and company details. It can add, modify or delete any details. The students are also given login id and password through which they can view their details.