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Shoe shop management system project in vb (Read 201 times)


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Shoe shop management system project in vb.
How to download the code.



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The present Shoe Shop Management System is able to make searching process easier and storing data in the more secure way. The current Shoe Shop Management System manually keeps all data related to sales, purchase, employee details, payment details and their customer details in each different file. All the operations are performed using the concept of file keeping and work performed using pen and paper.As to use this Shoe Shop Management System all its user will have a valid user id and password associated with it. Admin will responsible to provide their user id and password by creating it. Admin can grant special permission to any particular working employee. Admin can add the new user, delete the user, modify user, generate bills.


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The shoe shop management system is a software developed to keep track of all the transaction and details of the shoe shop.It stores the data regarding a sale, purchase of shoes and all the customer details in a database. Earlier there was a manual system in which records were stored in a file which takes much effort and time. So there was the need of such an automated system which can search and keep track of all the records. There is the administrator who manages all the details related to a shoe shop. It can add or modify details and also generate bills and reports. It is developed with VB.Net as front end an SQL as backend.