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3D GLASSES seminar presentation (Read 75 times)


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3D GLASSES seminar presentation
April 10, 2017, 05:41:24 PM
How do 3D glasses work?

3D glasses works on three factors which are anaglyph, pulfrich and polarized. 3D glasses can be used to watch TVs, movies and video games. 3D glasses mainly involves binocular vision work, which tells the humans, the distance of an object up to 20 feets of level. One can see 20 feets away even if you have the vision of the 20/20. These binocular visions are totally dependable upon the distance between the two eyes.

Apart from it, the purposes of 3D glasses includes the filters of a separate image into each of the eyes. Anaglyph glasses also works with the 3D glasses. On anaglyph glasses, there is a screen, which is usually one blue image and one red image is being shown and which is being displayed. These lenses only let one single image at a single time. 3D glasses are really very useful and technologically strong technique.