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3D Graphics Hardware Seminar Presentation (Read 133 times)


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3D Graphics Hardware Seminar Presentation

3D is nothing but three-dimensional graphics.Their are many process of developing 3D image like pixel processor,object processor,geometry process,display process this are the process for generating an image.
Rendering is used in 3D graphics image,it convert model into image either by simulating light transport.Traversal which includes database and programs, geometric transformation which is used for transferring light and  clipping displaying on screen, pixel fill from on video scan and do an operation for 3D image.3D graphics chips is used to develop the lighting and high definition TV. Different Shader are used to operate the 3d image like vertex shader,pixel shader. Vertex are the effects and lighting given to the 3D image. Pixel shader are the direction and action to the cartoon images.
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