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3D Password Authentication Seminar Presentation (Read 113 times)


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When we talk about the password in various different things environment, mostly we see the textual passwords everywhere. This new 3D Password authentication scheme has the combination of various different authentication schemes. This scheme will be really very difficult for any of the person to guess or reveal the password. A virtual environment is provided with the 3D environment. This virtual environment may be anything like a fingerprint reader, switching on and off light, a car, etc. While developing the 3D Password Authentication the care should be taken for object distinction and uniqueness, size of the 3D environment.
Here considering the space size is very necessary while developing the 3D password size. The main advantage of the 3D Authentication scheme is that it is easy to remember, strength, flexibility and gives proper privacy. Here multiple virtual environments are combined to create 3D virtual environment. This has proved useful in many applications. Find more information regarding this in the attached file.