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4G - An advance technology Seminar (Read 105 times)


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4G - An advance technology Seminar
March 19, 2017, 12:03:04 PM
The wireless mobile technology with the fourth generation of technology is called 4G technology. The ITU [International Telecommunications Union] has led down certain requirements for considering a technology to be 4G. According to ITU, the main requirements are that high mobility communication there should be 100(Mbit/s) and low mobility communication there should be 1(Bbit/s). The main features in the 4G technology are Frequency domain equalization like multi-color modulation, Frquency domain statistical multiplexing, Channel dependent scheduling, Link adaptation, Mobile IP, etc.

The 4G technology assures to provide the seamless roaming. The network here is the most trusted network which can offer the full security system. Some of the threats which are fully avoided are spoofing, eavesdropping, Phishing, SIP registration hijacking. The technology can be implemented nicely in high definition mobile TV, mobile web access, gaming services, IP telephony, video conferencing, etc. Apart from all these the 4G technology can surely make many of the changes in various technologies.
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