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4G Rit Seminar Presentation (Read 119 times)


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4G Rit Seminar Presentation
March 20, 2017, 07:34:12 AM
4G Rit Seminar Presentation

Mobile Network is one of the fastest growing wireless networks in the world. Most of the peoples connect to the world through mobile communication. Two to Three decades before mobiles are used only for call facilities after that SMS and launch of 2G or EDGE technology helps the mobiles to connect to the internet. After that, there is the problem comes in the form of slow connectivity in the EDGE technology leads to the growth of 3G technology. Most of them think that 3G is the fastest technology at the time 3G launch.

Then Comes the LTE evolution most commonly called as 4G Technology. This technology takes the world by storm and users experience the new level of data speed in this technology. Data connectivity per second in 4G nearly between the minimum of 20Mbps to the maximum of 200 Mbps. This technology is full and full IP-based heterogeneous network. Provide high security in data transfer and more reliable than 3G makes it best in the current world.
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