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4g wireless systems (Read 96 times)


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4g wireless systems
March 18, 2017, 06:42:14 PM
4g wireless systems is nothing but fourth generation wireless systems which has replaced 2g and 3g wireless systems. 4g systems cover a large area and has a very high data transmission rate of upto 20 Mbps or more. The reason for 4g being fast is because it uses OFDM. OFDM means Orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing where a crosstalk or a disturbance and any interference is reduced by splitting the data stream at different narrowband channels at different frequencies. Mobiles enabled with 4g systems will have a speed of upto 200km/hr.
Some important features of 4g wireless systems are:
1. It supports interactive multimedia where users are allowed to make changes to media such as Audio, Video, text etc.
2. 4g systems support streaming videos where a video can be played as it arrives without having the need to download it. It also supports voice and any other broadband services.
3. The speed and capacity of 4g services is good and high.
4. The frequency range is between 2-8Ghz.
5. 4g can be incorporated very well with existing 3g systems.