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4g wireless technology seminar presentation (Read 104 times)


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4G wireless technology seminar presentation
The fourth generation wireless systems covers a wide area which has come as a replacement for a 3g system. In 4g, either code division multiple access or time division multiple access is not used but orthogonal frequency multiple access is used by the carriers. According to international telecommunication union or the ITU, the mobile devices with 4g support should be able to transfer data at a speed of 100mbit/sec. The frequency range of 4g is 2-8Ghz and the speed is very high. With 4g systems, users can play a streaming videos, Audio, video and multimedia can be manipulated. 4g services can be used even on 3g devices. 4g is more than twice as fast as 3g because the download speed is 100Mbps. Because of its high speed, we can download large email attachments very fast. Also all the webpages will be loaded quickly. Apart from downloading, even uploading a file will be done very quickly.