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5 Pen Technology Seminar Presentations (Read 109 times)


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5 Pen Technology Seminar Presentations
April 01, 2017, 05:36:38 PM
The 5 Pen Technology is a P-ISM(Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package ) which is currently under construction stage. The technology consists of the cellular phone with the data input function which is handwritten, a small projector and a camera scanner. Through the function of Cellular phone, the whole system is connected to the Internet. The communication phone consists of the blue tooth technology, which uses the WiFi technology and also connected to internet. The device has got multiple uses in various fields.
This device can be used for video conferencing, video recording and they can be connected to many of the different other devices. The virtual laser keyboard is a new technology designed for the PC users. The main advantages of this technology are its portability, feasibility and the Wi-Fi technology. This has helped the users to a very great extent. Find some more relevant information on 5 Pen technologies in the attached file.