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A plan for no spam seminar presentation (Read 132 times)


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A plan for no spam seminar presentation
March 20, 2017, 07:12:46 PM
A plan for no spam seminar presentation
We often see so many unwanted emails on our inbox. Today unwanted emails and irrelevant emails are a big headache. Often promotional emails, advertising about properties, business, matrimony etc will be flooded in our inbox or the spam folder. In order to avoid the spam emails, a spam control system is being planned.
With this spam control system all the unwanted emails can be eliminated. User need not manually sit and delete the junk emails as everything will be taken care by the spam control system. This system can work well with all sorts of email.
Till date, perfect spam control system has not been found yet but the system in use works based on filtering of emails. But the filtering method cannot perfectly find out all the spam emails and hence few spam emails might be left without being eliminated. Once the perfect spam control system is found, then all the spams can be eliminated.