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ACCIDENT INTIMATION SYSTEM Seminar Presentation (Read 121 times)


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From the past records of few years it has been noticed that graph of road accidents in India is increasing day by day. 16% of the world’s road accidents happen in India, but India has only 1% of total world’s vehicles. About 250 lives get destroyed daily in road accidents. This is very astounding figure. So there is a need of such system that can control this destruction. The accident control system is based on the principle of vehicle tracking. This service is provided by many companies. This system uses pressure sensor, micro-controller, Analog to Digital convertor, GSM Modem and vehicle tracking unit. GPS co-ordinates are sent to the service provider by SMS and then service provider assist the user by sending the information through web interface. Vehicle information like speed, location and time data is sent over GSM network where the control station of service provider gets this information via internet.