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Active Server Pages Seminar Presentations (Read 107 times)


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ASP. Net is Active Server Pages technology. This is a Microsoft technology and it is a technology which involves server side scripting. IIS i.e Internet Information Service is used to run the ASP. Net program. Using the ASP.Net technology any of the static and dynamic website can be made very easily. The language being built on the Common Language Run time, makes many of the programmers to write the code very easily. Various directory names of the ASP.Net language are App_Code, App_Data, App_Global Resources, App_Local Resources, etc.

Some of the different packages that cane used for developing ASP.Net applications are Microsft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express, Codegear Delphi, Macromedia Homesite, etc. ASP. Net had indeed helped develop many of the big applications.

The database in the application is handled with the help of SQL which Structured Query Language. With the help of SQL one can easily insert, update, retrieve, delete any of the information from the database.

You can find more information regarding this in the file attached here.
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