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Advanced Block Cipher Characteristic Seminar Presentation (Read 99 times)


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The Advances Block Cipher Characteristic help operates on the blocks, which are fixed length group of bits. This method is widely used for the encryption of the bulk data. The basic block has two algorithms which are both usually paired. One algorithm is for the Encryption purpose and another algorithm is for the decryption purpose. According to the block cipher algorithm, the encryption is initially done of the single data block of a fixed block length. In case there is variable block length then the fixed block length is partitioned first and then the encryption is done.

There are two ways of controlling the key usage, first is Automated Key Distribution and second is control vector Encryption and Decryption. The semantic security should be provided from the security point of view. The Advances Block Cipher is now used in many cases. Find some more information on this in the attached file below.