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Advanced Technology for Astronauts Seminar Presentation (Read 105 times)


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Advanced Technology for Astronauts Seminar Presentation
Space research and exploration is one of the brightest things that happening in the world. Many countries invested huge amount money and human resource in the space research and their unbelievable work will make the history recent times. The ISS is one of the most prestigious things achieved in the space. ISS is an International Space Station it was launched and running successfully in the space with the help of more than two countries. Before 2003, Governments from various countries funded too train the astronauts who are going to space for research purposes but after those commercial astronauts are also trained for the same purposes. There is some technology needs that vas needed to astronaut to perform the high-level research in space and some of the advanced technology evolution will make their work easy and effective. NASA is one of the richest and prestigious space research center located in the US. They doing much researches and discover new things to help the astronauts.