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Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing Seminar Presentation (Read 99 times)


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Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing Seminar Presentation
Cloud computing is one of the best things that available in the world of computers. The cloud computing is a service that provides all scalable and virtualized resource through the service of Internet. Amazon Elastic Cloud computing is also one of the type computing that practiced and used over the years. is one of the biggest online superstores which was founded by Jeff Pezoss. Often called as Amazon EC2 is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity and very useful for the developers all over the world.  Xen Hyper vision is used in Amazon ec2 for virtualization and it allows both the windows and Linux virtual machines. It provides so many options for CPU and Memory. The user can sign up for this service and take any of the services as per the requirement and in that Amazon, it is called as instance and it varies from different size and each size has the different price tag. A start from 1.7 GB to 7 GB includes various other functionalities