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Analysis of Event Models in Event based Middleware Seminar Presentation (Read 91 times)


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Analysis of Event Models in Event-based Middleware Seminar Presentation
Middleware is used to facilitate the communication entities in heterogeneous distributed computing environment. Event-based Middleware is very much used to spread the data to the wide range of computing system. It also needs to describe the interest in that data and the expression of data in the system most precisely event subscription and event publication. The most needed thing to develop an event model in event-based middleware is it can be extended to any application or any limits. Before that, the possible events are to be defined in the target application. The events in the application will be compiled and stored on the publisher's side and it can be advertised through the broker network and it also sent to the interested subscribers and they can subscribe to the event through the broker network. There are various event models available and they are JEDI, Sienna, YANCEES, Rebeca, and Hermes