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Analysis of the motion of satellites seminar presentation (Read 82 times)


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Analysis of the motion of satellites seminar presentation
A celestial bodies that orbits or revolves around other celestial bodies are known as satellites. Earth rotates around the sun and hence earth is a satellite and similarly moon revolves around earth and hence moon is also a satellite.
Basically there are two types of satellites known as natural satellites and artificial satellites. Natural satellites are those satellites that revolves around other objects heavier than this naturally and which is not man made. Artificial satellites are made by man which is launched into the space with the help of a rocket.
The motion of satellites depends on the orbit around which the satellite is revolving. An orbit is a path with can be circular or Elliptical on which a satellite keeps moving. Satellites orbits around the object because of the force of gravity which otherwise would move in a straight line in the absence of the gravity force.