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Android Operating System Seminar Presentation (Read 67 times)


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Android Operating System
With the advent of mobile technology world is contracting. Number of mobile users is growing day by day and facilities provided by these handsets are also increasing with every passing day. Android is a Linux based operating system specifically used in mobile devices. The android operating system is originally developed by Android Inc., which was later taken over by Google in 2005. As it is Linux based OS, it is also open source software. Its design allows users to manipulate mobile devices with common phone like pinching, swapping, tapping etc.  Android hosts a central core, called kernel that helps the software to operate. Multiple apps can be run at the same time in android OS. It also supports optimized graphics VGA, 2D Graphics and 3D graphics. Java applications are also supported by Android OS. The android app developers use android SDK (Software Development Kit). More than 40,000 apps are available at Google play store.