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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE seminar presentation (Read 208 times)


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Artificial Intelligence is exhibited by intelligent agents that can decide what actions to take and when to take them". Example if your smartwatch had machine learning algorithms 'fed' inside it such that it can predict your health diagnosis by measuring your heart pulse : it might be good example of AI - but bad fit for cognitive computing. Because it is still not interacting 'naturally' to humans. Artificial Intelligence is a well understood concept, esp. in academia. It generally refers to machines that can train themselves to solve certain class of problems.
Artificial intelligence is how to make machines artificially appear like intelligent. By manifesting intelligence, we can understand the fact that there's some cognition inside: symbol manipulations (expert systems), neural networks, etc. that help it to produce an intelligent result. BUT, the computer doesn't make reasoning. Artificial intelligence: manifesting some intelligence in some tasks (artificially). There is an effort to socialize machines  The systems have to learn from users to gain knowledge and skills which they can then speed up and scale. This is all based on the vendor's advances in algorithms and equipment after their own label.