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Aspect Oriented Programming Seminar Presentation (Read 73 times)


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Aspect Oriented Programming Seminar Presentation
In computing, various types of programming methodologies are followed and they are AO programming, OO programming, procedural programming, assembly programming, and M/C programming. Mostly aspect is scattered thing which is difficult to find and maintain and also it's very much difficult to understand. It basically a scattered virtue that spread over all unrelated functions. From that, AOP is a programming paradigm is used to increase modularity by allowing cross-cutting concerns. AOP has different types of programming tools to modularization of concerns at the level of source code. It simply adding another point in the existing code without changing the source code and also points out which code is modified by logging. All program paradigm allows some sort of encapsulation in the functionalities of the concerns in an independent entity provided by abstractions like modules, classes, and other more abstracts.