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ATMs [Automated Teller Machines] Seminar Presentation (Read 116 times)


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ATM is now known to most of the people all over the world. ATM which is abbreviation for the Automated Teller Machines is like financial institutions where an individual can easily withdraw and deposit the money from their account. Also, the individual can check the availability of cash in their account. The only thing that the person should have is their respective ATM. The card should be inserted in the ATM, once the Account is verified from the ATM then the person had has to Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once the verification is done the individual can do the necessary transaction.

The structure of the ATM includes Card Reader, Keypad, Speaker, Display Screen, Receipt Printer, Cash Dispenser. Most of the ATM’s are now using the Microsoft Window’s operating system. Maintaining the transaction secrecy and the integrity is the main priority of ATM. Find more information on the ATM in the file being attached below.