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AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) Seminar Presentation (Read 108 times)


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It refers to the display that is used by the userís sensory perceptions for adding virtual information. Basically it has been focused mainly upon the Ďsee throughí devices and a kind of overlay graphics and texts are being used nearby to manage the surroundings. Taking the right information at the right time is the primary goal of the augmented reality.

The way the information is being presented and the way it is being integrated with the userís perception is actually an important characterstic of augmented reality. Basically, the augmented reality is known to be the all in one fact developed for the userís view of the world and the computer interface.

It actually superimpose the graphics, the audios and the other enhancements with the real world environment products, and generates a composite view for the kinds of users. AR has the capacity to change the view of the userís for the world in the way he or she is looking at the world. It basically manages the views of the users and command over the userís body part via virtual technology.