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Automated Library Management System Seminar Presentation (Read 111 times)


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Automated Library Management System
Automated Library Management System is the need of hour. Because the traditional Library management systems do not look sound today. A proper computerized library management system is essential to provide quick and prompt services to the users. The attached document describes procedure of an automated library management system with the objective of developing a database of books and other resources of school like chemistry library, Bharatdarshan University. The system has an option to search out that whether a particular book is available or not without searching manually on the shelves. The system generates list of books issued to a particular member and his/her overdue charges. This complete application software is made up of various sub modules. The system has been developed using KOHA. KOHA is the open source library software system which has been currently used by many libraries worldwide. The document explains the functioning of this software in making an automated library management system.