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BAN - BODY AREA NETWORK seminar presentation (Read 79 times)


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BAN (Body Area Networks)

A BAN is a Body area network which is basically a communication standard optimization provided for the low power devices and operations, on and in around the human body for serving the variation of the applications which includes medical, consumer, electronics and the personal entertainment. Each cable set inside the BAN is able to sample, process and communicate with one or more of the vital signs. These signs can either be of heart rate, blood pressure, environment locations, temperature, humidity, light, oxygen saturation, activity and so on etc.

The scenarios include body sensor network, fitness monitoring, wearable audio, mobile device centric, video stream and remote control as well as input output devices. There is no special requirement for BANs proceedings. The target is to consume less than 10% of the power and have communication standards compared to the total device with single standards and broad range of supported data rate.