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Bar Code Technology Seminar Presentation (Read 104 times)


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A Bar Code Technology is useful in determining the interpretation and mapping of the encoded data. Basically there are two types of the bar codes which are linear barcodes and the 2D barcodes. Code 128, UPC are some examples of the linear barcodes and Data Matrix and PDF417 are examples of the 2D barcodes. The barcode is usually being determined through the scanners. The barcode scanners are built by photosensor and the fixed light which scrubbed manually with the barcode.

The applications of the barcode technology include Electronic Data Interchange, Retail Applications, Warehousing, Health Care Applications, etc. The bar code technology is successfully applied here. The bar code technology is very beneficial because it is cost efficient, real time data collection, easy in calculating total production cost, accurate dispatch. Apart from that the items kept on the shelf of the retail shop can be easily reprised. Find more detail in the attached file.