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Bar Code (Read 597 times)

jeevan babu

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Bar Code
March 25, 2017, 01:17:03 PM
Bar Code,Now-a-days we hear this word very frequently in many places around the world like super markets,greeting cards,goods,price tags etc.Bar codes are the recent codes that have replaced the traditional product pricing methods.Bar Code can be called as Morse code because it was first introduced by the scientist Morse.A bar code can be black bars of different sizes with spaces,combination of numbers.These codes can be identified by bar code readers which uses a laser beam to observe the variations in the codes.These bar codes are used to uniquely identify a product.This bar code consists of 5 parts namely:a quiet zone,a start character,data characters,a stop character and another quiet zone.Any bar code on any product consists of these five parts irrespective of place and size.There are some bar code standards like Uniform Product Code-used in retail stores,European Article Numbering system(EAN)-a super set of UPC which have extra digits for identification and POSTNET-encoding zip codes on mail.These are developed by various persons from different places.