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BASIC OS CONCEPTS seminar presentation (Read 106 times)


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BASIC OS CONCEPTS seminar presentation
April 10, 2017, 05:20:19 PM
An Operating System is an interface between the hardware and the user programs which is responsible for the abstraction of the hardware for all user processes besides streamlining it with the software. It is the janitor of multiple user processes (a program under execution) on a complete unbiased basis.

Pre-emptive Scheduling and Context Switching, which use priority as a basis, are two important parameters of judging the efficiency of an Operating System.

Mainframe System associated with job sequencing; Multiprogramming batch System based on I/O routine and memory management; Time-sharing system involving multiplexing of CPU; Desktop System dedicated to a single user; Parallel System relying on multiprocessor systems; Distributed System with an integration of several physical processes; Clustered System sharing storage; and Real-time System, often used as control device in dedicated application; are some of the operating systems taking shape the days going by.