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Best Socket Programming techniques seminar presentation (Read 89 times)


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Socket is an endpoint of the communication through two machines. Socket programming is the program built for the communication between two different machines. The four basic types of sockets are stream sockets, datagram sockets, raw sockets, sequences packed sockets. With the help of sockets more than two piece of the software can easily communicate with the single Web Server. To achieve this a group of well-organized sockets need to be programmed. To achieve this various socket APIís and Libraries can be used.
The socket programming help to be used properly in the UDP, TCP and IP. TCP is the Transmission Control Protocol and UDP is User Datagram Protocol. With the help of TCP there can be one to one connections, connection oriented, one to many and connectionless. Java offers some best technology with number of classes for socket programming. Now, moreover Java socket programming used. Find more information on Socket Programming in the attachment.