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Bio Chip (Read 134 times)

jeevan babu

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Bio Chip
March 25, 2017, 02:22:39 PM
The main purpose of bio chip is to achieve higher speed and throughput in the genetic applications. Bio chip consists of micro arrays which are arranged on a solid substrate which allows to perform many tests at same time.The substrate may be active or passive.The main task is the placing of these micro arrays carefully at a particular position on the substrate. We all are familiar with the computer chip capable of performing millions of mathematical operations in one second,likewise a bio chip can perform a thousand of biological reactions in a few seconds.Bio chip's main purpose is identification of genes in the human DNA.There are nearly 80,000 genes present in the human DNA. Besides genetic applications,this bio chip is also being used in toxicological,protein and also biochemical researches.These bio chips can also be used in biological war fares where it can identify the chemical agents and respective defensive measures can be taken.