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Bioinformatics (Read 82 times)

jeevan babu

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March 25, 2017, 04:18:00 PM
Bioinformatics is also one of the fields which is interdisciplinary in which it has methods and software tools,helps in understanding biological data.Bioinformatics is a combination of mathematics,computer science,statistics and engineering.It identifies,interprets and analyzes the biological data. The main focus of this field is on molecules like DNA,RNA and protein sequences.All the mechanisms in the body are done with the help of proteins and these proteins are made up of amino acids.The functions of proteins are transportation,movement and metabolism.This study is achieved mostly using computers.The DNA molecules have a complex structure which is very difficult to understand.To understand these patterns effectively the chemists made use of computers. Computers store data and make comparisons easily than manually in bioinformatics. For analyzing such data to identify patterns involves writing programs using the concepts from data mining,graph theory,soft computing,computer simulation,artificial intelligence and computer simulation. In fact these all again depend on discrete mathematics,information theory and statistics.