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Biometrics Seminar presentation (Read 92 times)


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Biometrics Seminar presentation
March 22, 2017, 01:37:29 PM
Biometrics Seminar presentation

Biometrics is an identifying or verifying on human identity through the measurement of physiological and their behavioral.The biometrics is used to identify the thefts are something hacked. Biometrics are to verify there face, fingerprints, hand geometry, signature are the examples. Biometrics characteristics are universality, uniqueness, permanence, acceptability, collectible, circumvention.  Pshysiological identity are face,fingerprint,hand,DNA,iris. Behavioral identity are keystroke,signature,voice. verification mode system authenticates a person's claimed identity from their previously enrolled pattern.Minutiae is used to check bifurcations on a person's finger to plot points .Face recognition is used to recognizing facial features,face geometry. Voice recognition is not the same as speech recognition, it is speaker recognition. Security personnel look for biometric data that does not change over the course of your life; that is, they look for physical characteristics that stay constant and that are difficult to fake or change on purpose.