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Bionic Eye Seminar Presentation (Read 95 times)


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Bionic Eye Seminar Presentation
March 30, 2017, 01:22:54 PM
Bionic Eye Seminar Presentation
The technology evolution already starts to do wonder to the world and most importantly to the human. With the help of technology, nearly everything in the world is possible. Some of the technologies are even giving another life to the peoples who are physically challenged. One of that type of technology is called the Bionic eye. This one is very much helpful for the blind people to regain their eyesight. It was one of the greatest revolutions in the field of medicines.  The human eye works in three faces retina in eye capture the image and sends it to the cortex and it will make the eye to see things. There are various types of pigments in the brain that will help the eyes to understand the color and the surroundings. There is two types disease that can attack the retina and they are Retinitis Pigmentosa and Age-related macular degeneration. With the help of Bionic Eye, this problem can be rectified.