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Brain fingerprinting Seminar project (Read 111 times)


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Brain fingerprinting Seminar project
March 30, 2017, 01:21:22 PM
Brain fingerprinting Seminar project
Brain Fingerprinting is one of the advanced technologies that used to find the culprit of the crime through analyzing the brain waves. It provides 100% accurate results and it was tested in the United States and they approved this after nearly 125 tests. Each of the criminal act is happened by some of the procedures like planning, executing and the crime is always stored in the culprit’s brain. The brain waves help to identify the culprit by analyzing the stored data in the culprit’s brain and will differentiate the culprit and innocent man. It will also very helpful in national Security by identifying the terrorists if the terrorists know about the plan. There are four phases in BFT and they are crime scene evidence collection, brain evidence, computer evidence analysis, and scientific results. The process of this BFP is controlled by the computer and it will the scientific result as per the data and evidence collected and it will make the work of Cops easy.