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Brain Machine interface Seminar Presentation (Read 102 times)


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BMI (Brain Machine Interface) is a communication system in which a user can control the computer and applications related to the computers via his or her thoughts only. A technology named as electroencephalography is being used. Meshing our minds with the use of different machines is the ultimate target of this BMI. Stimulation of BMI artificial signals takes place to transmit the sensory information.

The main principle behind the working of the BMI the controlling of bioelectrical activities of the nervous and the muscles. By monitoring and analyzing the signals given by the neurons and thoughts which are being produced by having different magnitude and frequency is basically monitored by this. The principle behind this is electroencephalgraphy which is actually a method for measuring the electrical activities of the brain.

EEG signals can be picked up from the brain scalp or can directly be picked from the celebral cortex. Analyzing the basic frequency, an EEG is being classified in to five or six types is having a subject domain areas for all the specified fields.