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Brain Port Seminar Presentation (Read 61 times)


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Brain Port Seminar Presentation
April 06, 2017, 03:47:22 PM
Brain Port
Brain Port is a sensory device that is based on Electro tactile Stimulation. It is a technology where sensory information is sent into one’s brain through an electrode array. It was developed by Paul Bach-y-Rita in order to help stroke victims. It works very efficient as visual aid also. With the help of this technology, blind people can see his/her surroundings. To setup this scenario, video camera captures the image of surroundings, where a chip is used to process the information; it is then converted into pulses. The blind person is equipped with a device in her mouth, touching her tongue and the wires connected from that device to video camera. Actually the device in the mouth sent visual input through tongue in the same way as we receive the visual input through eyes. So Brain Port is an area that deals with using encoded electric current in order to represent sensory information.