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Campus Mining Seminar Presentation (Read 96 times)


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Campus Mining Seminar Presentation
March 19, 2017, 03:45:07 PM
In today's scenario, intelligent data management plays an important role for proper transparency. Campus mining plays a very crucial role in identifying Campus needs apart from Data extraction at a single place. Intelligent data modules helps to reduce redundancy and helps to develop an analytical integration of data. Various steps like fetching of data, segregation of raw and refined data and then transformation and mining involves in Campus mining. Integrate them into a simple user friendly login interface. By this, user can easily track various activities running in Campus premises. It's various features like data integrity, data privacy, security of useful information, real time Campus tour and latest information updation system helps to enhance performance and output. Important details of students, staff, employees, medical details, campus events etc are securely extracted and stores in database, giving maximum results with optimum output.