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Capcha and Esp Games Seminar Presentation (Read 93 times)


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Capcha and Esp Games
Human computation or human based computation is a computer technique in which a machine can performs its function by outsourcing some steps to humans. This one also differentiates between the users i.e. the user is a human or computer. In this era a lot of hacking systems are developed, so this one prevents us from worms and spam. Captcha is best examples of Human Computation. It is a program that can identify whether its user is a human or a computer. This one also preventing us from dictionary attacks. ESP games are another example of Human computation. The main motive behind the game is to use computational power of humans to perform a task. Human computation also helps in sharpening of mind n save us from various problems. Abilities of Human can be easily collected and their results are analysed by Computer by various techniques. By this way, Human used his brain and asked computers to solve his problems. So possibly in future,  Human computation will be helpful in reducing daily life physiological problems.