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Cloud Computing Seminar Presenation (Read 104 times)


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Cloud Computing Seminar Presenation
March 24, 2017, 04:35:01 PM
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is a way to share and access the hardware and system software resources over the internet.  Cloud is a place where you can store and access your data securely. Capacity of cloud is infinite as compared to hard disk that you use in our personal computer. Companies that provide cloud computing services charge their customers on the basis of usage. Online services like sending emails, editing documents, listening music, watching movies all has become possible because of cloud computing. You can do a lot with the help of cloud computing like create new apps, store and backup data, Hosting of websites and blogs, online streaming of audio and video etc. Architecture of cloud computing works at 3 layers i.e. Software as service, Platform as Service and Infrastructure as service. Find the attached document to get complete insight into the concept of cloud computing, its architecture, functioning and services.