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College Website Seminar Presentation (Read 102 times)


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College Website Seminar Presentation
March 19, 2017, 10:46:40 AM
College Website Seminar Presentation

College Website is application software that has been developed for the smooth functioning of educational system. The application has been designed to assist the academic work of college and to assist the students so that students can avail latest information easily and quickly. The website requires initial registration. After registration a login id and password will be generated. Management can upload results and other important information on the site. Only authorized users can get their results. Other than this if any other query is from the user side, they can upload it on the website. There is some specific procedure for this like users have to submit his/her email id so at which they will get the reply. This is a generalized website, any college or academic institution can customized it for their own use. This is very helpful as itís the best way to communicate with the students and a nice platform through with they can ask their queries.
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