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Computer Viruses Seminar Presentation (Read 65 times)


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Computer Viruses Seminar Presentation
March 30, 2017, 01:36:36 PM
Computer Viruses Seminar Presentation
Computers are one of the fanciest discoveries ever and it is one of the best outcomes of technology evolution. Computers are one of the essential things for most of the office goers or even a school or college students. They gather a lot of information from the laptop through the internet and other means. The main danger these computer has are called as Virus. Most of the time, these viruses are used to steal the information from one system or targeted system. There are various types of attacks that happen in the computer such as malicious software, virus, and worms. Malicious software is the software which was intentionally installed in the system for harmful purposes. Viruses are the software which can infect other programs by modifying their patterns. Worms are used to copy the document from one system and send it another system over the network.