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CPU and Memory Seminar Presentation (Read 105 times)


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CPU and Memory Seminar Presentation
March 23, 2017, 04:32:33 AM
CPU and Memory Seminar Presentation
Evolution of computer is one of the best things that happens in the last two decades. Computers play a vital role in today's society and it is very helpful to the people to live a better life. But for Computer CPU and Memory are the vital thing. CPU is the main processor chip in the Motherboard which acts as the brain for the computers. Cpu controls each and every operation of the computer and it has two parts they are ALU and CU. ALU is responsible for arithmetic operations and compares to logical decisions. CU is a control unit which is responsible for send/receive control signals from/to other components in the computer. Memory also plays a pivotal role of storing information and programs. Memory consists of two parts they are RAM and ROM.
RAM is a Random Access Memory and it is used to save/delete particular file or program that was stored by the user. RAM has two memory points one is the Volatile memory when the power supply of the system is stopped the file is erased or deleted. It also has the non-volatile memory which can protect certain files even power supply is stopped.   ROM is a Read Only Memory and user cannot change the contents of this memory and its non-volatile memory.